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At the second stage the analytical equation characterizing communication between the price (C) (a dependent variable a productive sign) and technical and economic parameters () is worked out (an independent variable - a factorial sign). Thus, the regression equation has an appearance:

Also the expenses connected with the increased quality of export production if by production it more rigid specifications and requirements are used, than by production for internal consumption have to be considered.

The international space market which developed so far is made by vehicles (RN, RB and their elements) and payloads, including KA which starts are carried out on a commercial basis.

the analysis of economic efficiency of use of industrial goods (new equipment or technology) in which results of scientific development, and comparison to all possible alternative options are realized;

– the coefficient considering necessary amount of works on control and completion of MCC for specific KA: for KA of "Arkos-2" and for KA "Helicon" Kmss = 0,4, (MCC – the module of office systems), Kmss = 0,4 for KA of "Express M" - Kmss 0;

where first "Interdepartmental techniques of definition of costs of ROC and the mass production of samples composed according to (the RKT complex" expresses expenses without an onboard relaying complex.

A row actual and, generally speaking, the costs of production, necessary for work of the enterprise connected, for example, with the welfare sphere is carried out at the expense of profit, being at the command the enterprises.

Dynamics of a price band is caused by system of the most market mechanism which cannot be in a condition of stagnation. However completely spontaneously it is not formed. There are some basic steps which forms the general structure of a price band. As it was mentioned above, the variation in a price band occurs under the influence of the factors operating in the market.

Pricing of scientific and technical products is one of the most important methodical problems of branch management of research and development in the conditions of a systematic increase in prices for the material, labor and fuel and energy resources necessary for creation of LA.

Ktekhn is supposed to estimate from the point of view of appeal to the consumer. That is the most significant communications of the characteristic of system for the consumer which will influence the consumer's choice most considerably get out. For a satellite communication system such characteristics can be:

In the course of implementation of long-term economic activity in the limited territory between the seller and his regular customers usually there are informal relations which can have impact on implementation of conventional attitudes, including be reflected in the price of the offered production. Here essential discounts can be provided to the regular customer, or on the contrary, at the request of one of men of weight of the company seller, overestimate of the prices in its some subjective purposes. Variations are selected for each case.

The quantity of the indicators estimated by points has to be limited and at the same time is rather full characterize consumer quality of products. Restriction of number of the estimated indicators is connected with that at a large number of indicators rather smaller specific weight occupies each of them and the importance of improvement of each concrete indicator is as a result underestimated. The product can be well estimated on sheathe to a score even if it has what very low level of quality - or a concrete most important indicator