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When you, for example, load information on harvesting, make at least 2 or more copies: one on a diskette, and another on the winchester. Immediate reserve: one of these copies in your fireproof safe, and the second in other place (it is possible near the agricultural consultant)

The farmer information management system includes records, information on maps, financial data and many other things in various software. Some give more information, than others. But everywhere copies are necessary.

Two computer Sheepbud and SDSheep programs, analyze productivity and profitability of sheep. The programs developed in the project together with universities of Montana,, the South and Northern Dakota can be used in common or separately.

The products Fancom are systems which control climate and the software for the agricultural equipment. It will work as the separate company. Information on STV, Inc phone., 219/658-4101

Conference was devoted to the near future of technology, such as: the sensors installed in the earth, self-coping, using the world systems; a collection of topographical information and use of digital cameras quickly to send visual images.

As for those who derives benefit from technologies, the member of conference Chad Herts from Hertz Farm Management considers that, first of all, the benefit is derived by the companies selling technologies then those who borrow, and then all farmers.

DICKEY – OST the Indian corporation declares the Managing director of the earth (Land Manager) and the II (Land Manager II) Operating the earth. Both are created to control the use of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, anhydrides of ammonium and other sprays applying chemicals.