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To close conclusions 7 and 8, the 9th chips of D1 and to measure by the PV1 voltmeter constant tension on contact of 1 product. It has to be no more (0±5 mV. If the measured value of tension exceeds the specified size, it is necessary to replace

The divider of frequency synchronizes work of dilators of Ras.1, Ras.2, Races. temporary selector BpC1, Vrs2, RSCh, FIB device. Together with GPI the divider of frequency is intended for formation of basic frequencies.

Complexes with identical working frequencies can be operated in the absence of direct radio visibility, between products of these complexes with introduction of an additional code sign of communication systems. Such code signs of a communication system it can be organized to 5 in each separate complex.

close to a meander. To measure by PF1 frequency meter tension frequency on a conclusion of the 10th chip of D It has to be equal (60± Hz. At discrepancy of the measured value of frequency demanded to replace the R4 resistor according to the list of elements. To install the G7 condenser on a payment.

Packageless the chip condensers are intended for work in chains of direct, alternating and pulse current. Ceramic the CHIP condensers are intended for automatic superficial installation on printed-circuit boards with the subsequent soldering an oplavleniye, hot air or in infrared furnaces. Standard sizes 0603 and 0805 are ideal for high density installation.

the installation site of products needs to be chosen whenever possible taking into account providing conditions of direct radio visibility between products 1B50, 1L516, 1T817 (it is practically optical visibility from top of the reception antenna on the basis of the transferring antenna);

To connect the K.T.8 control point to the plug to Measure by the PV1 voltmeter constant tension on a conclusion of the 6th chip of D1 It has to be equal (0 mV. At discrepancy of the measured value of tension demanded to replace the R8 resistor

The channel of allocation "the Sign 2" the VIPR block consists of the two-half-period B2 rectifier, the filter of the lower frequencies of FNCh1 with a frequency of a cut of equal 0,2 Hz and the threshold device with the fixed threshold which size is equal 0,4 Century.

At compliance of an initial phase of the measured tension to requirements of drawing the product conclusion connected to the potential plug of an oscillograph to solder to contact of 1 RSCh socket, the second conclusion of a product - to contact 2 sockets, the cable screen - to contact 3 sockets. If the initial phase of the measured tension does not conform to requirements of drawing, to trade places conclusions of a product and to repeat measurement.

The product 516PKT is intended for training of staff on check of correctness of the chosen route at placement of products of a complex 1K119 on districts and checks of operability of products 1B50 and 1L516 on existence of level of output power.

In this regard the used element base technically and morally obsolete, often is not even issued. In this regard there is a need of modernization of element base and the made circuitry decisions for the block 1B50, as is considered in this degree project.

Additional power supplies on the LT343 elements (the product 1E6 at a temperature of environment is not lower minus 30 °C ensure continuous functioning of each product 1B50, 1L516 and 1T8I7 - 30-60 of days (30-day work of products 1B50, 1T817 is provided with one product 1E61, products 1L516 - two products 1E6 60-day work of products 1B50, 1T817 is provided with two products 1E61, products 1L516-four products 1E

It is considered that the main TTH stationary WITH much surpass characteristics of the fast-developed. Generally it belongs to an operating time on a false alarm and probabilities of detection. However set of other characteristics fast-developed WITH provides them a steady in the market of technical means of protection. Relevance of the fast-developed OS is caused by need of protection:

Production of software is characterized by a large number of various mechanical, photochemical and chemical operations. By production of software it is possible to allocate standard operations, development and which implementation is made by experts of various directions.