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There are three types of usefulness - in a form, on time and on location. In other words, production in combination with marketing activity provides the consumer to that he wants when he wants and where he wants,

The concept of marketing considers production and sale as a unit. In a corner - the analysis of the market, and production is guided by results of this analysis. In a of a main goal of any kind of activity along with profit the satisfaction of a consumer demand acts.

Marketing functions of marketing include also sorting of goods and setting standards (the standard. Many products are bought simply according to standards or on system of their identification. If they do not satisfy to these norms, will not be accepted by the market. Thus, it is important that the market had system of definition of norms and grades., by production of agricultural products exists a certain of requirements to quality of grain and other types of the food. In this case agromarketing awakes to define the product within the system of standards admitted to branches. Then at the conclusion of contact the consumer can be sure That the product which it buys, conforms to the accepted standards.

The marketing specialist has to know all receptions and methods of the organization of the company, and, above all, it is correct to use in the activity of means of a of advertizing, basic of which are: advertizing in the press, a print advertizing, advertizing by broadcast media, outdoor advertizing, advertizing in sale places.

Administrative functions of marketing assume, first of all, the organization of a of economic activity of the enterprise and production management. In a of this activity the general strategy of the enterprise is defined and are formulated (tasks are operational.

There are thousands and thousands of products and millions of consumers but as they consume not all products, their transportation, and that are necessary, and there where it is necessary, is a huge problem. And it even more becomes complicated as there is no central body which would operate each kind of activity. But marketing with its operational information system is capable to react with a sufficient speed to any tactical changes of the served market.