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The best place for run is the forest lawn, but it is possible to run and on asphalt. The clothes have to be free, not holding down the movement. In cool weather it is not necessary to dress the kid too warmly to avoid excessive sweating, in hot weather do not dress the child in clothes from synthetic, air-tight fabrics.

The hardening can be carried out by air, water and the sun. The good effect gives circulation of children barefoot, with gradual increase in time. Summer – the most convenient time to start procedures for a hardening of children. It is better to begin with the sparing procedures – air bathtubs. In the beginning they will be out in the room, and then in the open air. Damp rubdowns are very effective. In all cases, proceeding from specific features of the child, prior to procedures of a hardening it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

For the child there is usual swing. Development of balance is served by an inclined triangular ladder, with a small angle of lead (30 which connects all shells of a complex. For rolling the inclined hill is provided. In a complex there is a wide choice of shells for a lasagna: usual rope, inclined rope, inclined ladder, vertical swing.