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As example of interrelation of scandal, art and commerce David Bowie's appearance at the London Station of Victoria in black, answering to enthusiastic crowd of fans with a fascist greeting can serve at least that caused scandal in mass media and preceded "promotion" of a new album of Bowie.

In the XIX century scandals already become already almost necessary element of culture. The concept of a dandyism is closely connected with them. Having arisen in England, the dandyism gains lines of romantic rebelliousness. It is focused on extravagance of the behavior offending skandaliziruyushchy secular society, and on a romantic cult of individualism. The offensive manner to behave, "indecent" forwardness of gestures, a demonstrative shoking - all forms of destruction of a secular ban were perceived, as poetic. Such lifestyle was peculiar to Byron. On the other hand, there was also other interpretation of a dandyism. Here contempt for public norms developed into contempt of "the distinguished individualist" in relation to roughness of "secular crowd".