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Today, in a century of the computer, designers have opportunity to devote the time entirely to designing process as calculations and preparation of drawings the car "assumes". For what types of projects the computer is used? Let's give two examples.

Different types of works at plants, say, such as on assembly lines of cars, include repeatedly repeating operations, for example a tightening of bolts or coloring of details of a body. Works are performed by the repeating operations without shadow of displeasure or signs of fatigue. Computers for a moment do not lose attention to production and do not need lunch breaks.

What does the invisible computer represent? It is the tiny microprocessor which "is hidden" in the subjects surrounding you. At most of people of the house one – two such computers, at some - are more. You think, what it not so? Then study the list of subjects, in each of which there can be a microprocessor:

Let's assume that you are going to seize specialty of the dispatcher of any production. In the course of machine modeling of conditions of your work you gradually "get into the role" and start carrying out the demanded functions, i.e. to make these or those decisions in situations which to you are offered by the computer. It can be the decisions including a series of tasks which have to be executed. In case of the correct decision the computer gives out confirmation. If the decision is wrong, you "see" its results, but without any real harmful consequences. In such a way it is possible to study successfully on own mistakes.

You sometime thought of that, what is the time and efforts it is required on development of the big and difficult project, for example the plane, the ship, the building or the bridge? Such projects, as a rule, represent one of the most labor-consuming types of works. The group of designers and engineers spends months for calculations, production of drawings and examination of difficult projects.

And computer? You can present the life without computer? Someone, maybe, considers that the computer is not necessity in life. But it not so Recently the computer facilities "got" into our house, and not only in the form of the personal computer, but also in the form of "invisible computer". Soon similar invisible beings can become the same essential elements of our life, as well as electricity.

It only two examples of how computers at treatment can be used. There is also a set of other methods of application of computers for these purposes in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Let's give some of them.

"Machine training" – the term designating process of training by means of the computer. The last in this case acts as "teacher". In this quality the microcomputer or the terminal which is part of an electronic network of data transmission can be used. Process of assimilation of a training material is step by step controlled by the teacher but if the training material is given in the form of a package of appropriate programs of the COMPUTER, its assimilation can be controlled by the pupil.

You do not find, what between writers and artists there is a similarity when they start working with the computer? In spite of the fact that one create texts, and others – images, both that and others thanks to computers bring acceleration, flexibility and convenience in the creativity.

Of course, at the first moment such offer will seem to you absurd as it is about absolutely different professions! Well, and if to remember, what we live in a century of the computer?! Then it appears that all of them (the lawyer, the teacher, the designer, the farmer, the doctor, the judge, the secretary) use the computer in the work.